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Brookvent aircycle Range

Lower your energy bills with heat recovery ventilation Brookvent aircycle Heat Recovery Ventilation systems (HRV) are designed to provide superior air comfort levels and at the same time conserve energy by minimising heat wastage. Brookvent's new innovative model; aircycle 3.1 can significantly reduce the space heating bill of a domestic dwelling, whilst also delivering a healthier and more comfortable environment for the occupier. Suitable for housing, apartments, student accommodation and aged care facilities.

Combining market leading heat exchange efficiency with extremely low energy usage, the aircycle 3.1 provides superior air comfort levels whilst minimising heat wastage.

SAP Appendix Q Approved, Up To 93% Heat Recovery Efficiency and specific fan power down to 0.37 w/l/s.

Heat-On wall mounted panels heater 600W

Superior Air Quality

The aircycle 3.1 operates by recovering heat from air that would normally be expelled into the atmosphere. The heat is transferred to fresh air drawn into the property, which is then filtered and distributed throughout.

The aircycle 3.1 can significantly reduce the space heating bill, whilst also delivering a healthier and more comfortable environment for the occupants. The aircycle 3.1 eliminates many issues caused by poor indoor air quality within the home such as condensation and the resultant formation of 'black mould'. Additionally the advanced air filtration system ensures the home environment is much more conducive to allergy and asthma sufferers alike.


High Performance in a Compact Package

Despite its relative size, the aircycle 3.1 is one of the best performing Heat Recovery Ventilation units in its class and is both SAP Appendix Q Approved and Energy Savings Trust 'Best Practice' compliant. Its efficient performance significantly contributes to lower Dwelling Emission Rates (DER's) in SAP and is suitable for use in sustainable homes being built to 8+ star energy ratings. You can now build a super tight building envelope and still provide sufficient air flow combined FIR heating for unsurpassed comfort levels.

Automatic Climate Regulation

Sophisticated in-built technolgy enables the unit to respond intuitively to a range of internal and external temperature changes. The aircycle 3.1 offers in-built automatic frost protection and humidity controls that respond to extreme cold spells and changes in humidity within the dwelling, protecting the unit whilst ensuring a comfortable indoor environment for the occupiers.

The aircycle 3.1 also has the option of the being supplied complete with a unique in-built 'Tempering' Summer Bypass suitable for warmer regions. Unlike most other Heat Recovery Units which offer simply a 100% Summer Bypass at a defined temperature, the Brookvent 'Tempering' Summer Bypass operates on a linear scale between 20 Degrees Celcius (No Summer Bypass) and 27 Degrees Celcius (Full Summer Bypass). This gradually increases the amount of air directed around the Heat Recovery Core ensuring the delivery of a comfortable indoor environment for the occupier.

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Brookvent AirCycle 3.1


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