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400 watt panel $449 installed 600 watt panel $549 installed Enquire .
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Heat-On, Building and Home Improvement Expo, Melbourne July 2011

Heat-On Heating Systems - far infrared heating explained

DIY wall mount panel installation video

Australian Home energy rating system questioned

Heat-On Heating Systems - far infrared heating explained

FIR Heating explained in Spanish (espaņol)

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PDFPDF File 0.2Mb
Be Energy Smart
Heating & Cooling

PDFPDF File 0.1Mb
Heat-On Panel
Installation Instructions

PDFPDF File 0.7Mb
Thermostat Instructions

JPGJPG Image 0.3Mb
HeatOn's Far Infrared v's
Normal Infrared

JPGPDF file 33.0Mb
Heat-On sponsored trip
The Simpson Desert

PDFPDF File 1.1Mb
DIY Brochure

PDFPDF File 1.1Mb
Negative Ions

PDFPDF File 0.6Mb
Window protection
& Glass

PDFPDF File 0.8Mb
Brookvent AirCycle 3.1

PDFPDF File 1.6Mb
Modern House
Heat-On Heating Panels

PDFPDF File 0.6Mb
Heating & Renewable Energy

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