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Heat-On radiant heating technology utilises synthetic wire heating elements along with a unique patented ceramic heating plate design, this combination is able to precisely and quickly warm rooms. This heating technology also provides significant energy savings when compared to other electric heating systems, still on the market today.

"no plumbing, no ductwork, no maintenance"

Heat-On heating panels heat the walls, ceilings and furnishings, not the air. Buildings can store warmth for a much longer time than air. By returning the stored warmth to the room over a longer period of time significantly reduces running costs. Masonry stays dry, mould and mildew free.

Heat-on panels provide heating without creating dust or disturbing germs, allergens or other troublesome air borne materials.

Our ceiling panels are the perfect partners for solar PV and wind power sources.  If you are building a new home and are also looking at a Solar PV grid system.  Please take a look at our solar PV page as we can provide a tailored discounted package deal including a Solar PV Grid System up to 10kW in size.

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Energy Tuned Energy

The efficiency of any infrared heater depends on matching the emitted wavelength and the absorption spectrum of the material to be heated. For example: timbers, metals, masonry, paints, carpets, human beings, animal and plant matter.

Heat-On heating panels have been specially tuned in the long-wave range (Far IR). We have carefully selected and developed the right far infrared heater important for energy efficiency suitable for heating homes and buildings. It has taken a highly specialised team of electronic, chemistry and physics engineers more than three years of research and development to find the best medium of materials for efficient heating.

Heat-On wall mounted 900W

Customer Feedback Customer Feedback

Ron Vahland, Deakin University - Geelong Waterfront Campus
5th May 2011


Sue Honey, Montessori East Primary School - Bondi, Sydney
26th May 2011


Micah Johnson, Production Manager, Griffin Theatre Company, Sydney
9th June 2011


Noel Haberecht, O'Connor Uniting Church, Canberra
1st Aug 2012


Shannon Clark, Fadden, Canberra, ACT
17th JUNE 2015


Nigel & Wendy Lampert, Williamstown,VIC
22nd Aug 2009


Shane Molloy, Geelong,VIC
4th May 2011


Phillip Jean, Warragul, VIC
14th July 2009


Felicity Wilson, Mona Vale, NSW
22nd June 2014


Melissa Zabalegui, Scuba Culture, Burwood, VIC
28th May 2015

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